AWS Cloud

AWS Partnership

Koan is an AWS and software development consultancy based in Wellington and Palmerston North. Koan has been building and deploying secure, compliant, enterprise applications for Global and New Zealand customers for 20 years and engaging at the executive level.

Our objective is to foster trusted partnerships with our customers. From our experience collaboration is the most effective way of adding value and delivering successful outcomes for our customers. We are an AWS Select Tier Partner registered on the AWS Partner Network (APN). We have a team of senior AWS certified practitioners, all with specific knowledge and areas in areas we work in, providing AWS specialist services across SMBs, commercial and Government departments.

Cloud Strategy

Focus on helping our customers to deliver business & transformational change that delivers strategic business outcomes. Cloud Strategy, Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), Well Architected Review (WAR)

AWS Migrations

Take our customers on a successful digital transformation journey from migrating legacy systems and workloads into the cloud

AWS Modernization

modernise medium to large scale applications from heritage lift and shift AWS deployments into serverless cloud native microservice scalable applications.


Managed Services Provider - Manage the ongoing weekly/daily issues associated with maintaining an AWS environment. Monitoring and logging of production environments with metrics.


Provide DevOps and DevSecOps services to manage, deploy, backup and maintain AWS based applications, including EKS and ECS. Infrastructure as Code using Terraform and CDK.

Security Compliance

Audit your cloud environment from a devOps perspective. Secure and protect your data and IP. Security and Policy Audit and Review. Business Continuity.

Data Analytics

Integrated Data Analytics, Data Lake/Warehouses, Machine Learning. Gain a firm understanding of your data and its quality. We believe data is key to effectively managing any business

Cloud Native

Cloud Native / Servlerless saves business time and effort in terms of Devops and costs around Managed Kurbenetes services. Provide software development services, DBAs, senior developers.

Continuous Delivery

Continuously integrate and delivery cloud based applications using automated build pipelines on AWS.

AWS Case Studies